StressChronic stress can wreak havoc on your mind and body. Stress is the most common reason why people need to see a healthcare provider in our society. This is because being active in the stress response (“fight or flight”) compromises your immune system and all aspects of one’s health. On a daily basis many people experience insomnia, back pain, headaches and digestive problems due to stress. We offer stress management counseling with biofeedback as a way to quickly identify and manage everyday stressors.

Managing stress is accomplished by utilizing strategies that raise one’s awareness, and by facilitating retraining of how one thinks, feels, and reacts to stress triggers. Counseling techniques with biofeedback devices offer an objective evaluation of both a client’s emotional and physiological stress responses, which includes measuring nervous system activity. This leads to changing behaviors, and by making these changes you can dramatically improve your overall physical and emotional health.